Y Stent

Y stent

Novatech branded silicone Y stent is called the gold standard in the world.

When it comes to silicon y stents, the best quality Y stents, also known as dumon stents for years; Novatech branded silicon Y stents are well known by all physicians.

After the Y stent is implanted, its get hardens by human body temperature and spontaneously reaches high radial force.

This allows the patient to breathe again by creating an opening in the airway.

Y stents made of first class medical silicone

Novatech Y stents can be implanted long term. People can stay in the body for more than 29 days without any problems. novatech numerous stents used without problems in Turkey is still used today for patients.

Our silicone Y stents provide the perfect solution for malignant tracheobronchial stenosis and provide airway patency.

novatech silicone Y stents opens easily during the application and provide comfort to the doctor.

The most ideal stent in terms of price quality performance is the novatech Y stent. Get the world’s best quality Y stent at the best prices for Turkish clinics.

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