Y Stent

Y stent

Novatech branded silicone Y stent is called the gold standard in the world.

When it comes to silicon y stents, the best quality Y stents, also known as dumon stents for years; Novatech branded silicon Y stents are well known by all physicians.

After the Y stent is implanted, its get hardens by human body temperature and spontaneously reaches high radial force.

This allows the patient to breathe again by creating an opening in the airway.

Y stents made of first class medical silicone

Novatech Y stents can be implanted long term. People can stay in the body for more than 29 days without any problems. novatech numerous stents used without problems in Turkey is still used today for patients.

Our silicone Y stents provide the perfect solution for malignant tracheobronchial stenosis and provide airway patency.

novatech silicone Y stents opens easily during the application and provide comfort to the doctor.

The most ideal stent in terms of price quality performance is the novatech Y stent. Get the world’s best quality Y stent at the best prices for Turkish clinics.

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Y Stent

Y stent

novatech markalı silikon Y stent,  dünyada altın standart olarak kabul edilir.

silikon y stent denince, yıllardır dumon stent olarak da bilinen en kaliteli Y stentler; novatech markalı sılıkon Y stentler olarak tüm doktorlar tarafından çok iyi bilinmektedir.

Y stent, implante edildikten sonra, insan vücudu sıcaklığında sertleşerek kendiliğinden yüksek radyal kuvvete ulaşır.

bu da havayolunda açıklık oluşturarak hastanın yeniden nefes alabilmesini sağlar.

Birinci sınıf medikal silikondan üretilmiş Y stentler karina bölgesinde hava yolu açıklığı sağlar.

Novatech Y stentler uzun dönemli implante edilebilir. Y stenler 29 günden uzun süreli olarak vücutta sorunsuz kalabilmektedir. Türkiye’de sayısız novatech stent sorunsuz olarak kullanılmış, hala günümüzde de hastalarda kullanılmaktadır.

silikon Y stentlerimiz malin trakeobronşilay stenozlarda mükemmel çözüm sunar, havayolu açıklığı sağlar.

novatech silikon Y stentler uygulama sırasında rahat açılarak doktora kullanım konforu sağlar.

fiyat kalite performansı açısından en ideal stent novatech Y stenttir. dünyanın en kaliteli Y stentine en uygun fiyatlarla ulaşın.

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Y Stent

Steril olarak üretilen silikon Y stent: Novatech®

  1. Silikon Y stent’in steril üretilmesi çok önemlidir.
  2. Silikon stentler, insan vücudunun içine implante edilen, yüksek derecede riskli tıbbi malzemelerdir.
  3. Silikon Y stentin hangi ortamlarda üretildiği stent kalitesini ve uzun dönemli performansını
  4. Hasta güvenliğini etkilemektedir.
  5. Üretim ortamında havada bulunan partiküller, virüs, bakteri vs. direk olarak ürünün malzemesine karışmaktadır. Bu durumda steril üretilmeyen bu tür silikon implantlar üzerlerine bulaşan yabancı maddelerle birlikte hasataya implante edilmektedir.

Bu durum, silikon Y stentin bio uyumluluğunda ciddi problemler oluşturmaktadır.

Bu risklere rağmen, maalesef silikon stentin steril üretilmesine gerek olmadığını iddia eden ucuz silikon stentler mevcuttur.

Hastanız için güvenilir silikon stent: Novatech®

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So, most importantly, the bad breath is caused by a lack of oral hygiene. It includes sleeping with an open mouth at night. This makes mouth dry and bacterias began to flourish there and cause that smell…

Bad breath has a medical name “halitosis”. This kind of condition can stem from poor oral hygiene habits. It also may be a telling sign of other health problems. What you’re eating can cause this disease to progress much faster. So how healthy your menu is directly correlated with any oral hygiene problems.

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First off, ask yourself do you regularly follow basic oral hygiene routines? This, of course, includes such morning musts as brushing your teeth twice a day. Keep in mind, that each brushing should be lasting for at least 5 minutes. It’s not limited to that. Teeth flossing after each eating is also strongly recommended. Because when you eat and don’t follow these methods, food particles stay in your mouth. They get stuck in between the teeth, on gums and the tongue. Then it decays and absorbs there, causing various oral bacteria to flourish. All this results in a bad breath. Antibacterial mouth rinsers, instead of simple breath fresheners, may be of a big help here.

It will not simply disguise the smell by replacing it with a nicer aroma. These antibacterial mouth rinsers will eventually fight off and kick out the bacteria from your mouth. As well as off the teeth, gums and tongue.

To add to that you must keep an especially attentive eye on your dentures, if you have any. They are critically vulnerable towards the odor-causing bacteria. If the dentures are not cleaned properly, and even more importantly, regularly, it will get covered with invisible bacteria. This will be causing bad smells, that will be obvious to absolutely everyone around. There’s also no better way to hazard you oral hygiene and health than smoking or chewing tobacco. Besides irritating the sensitive gums and making teeth yellow, this makes the bacterias prosper. It adds up to a smell too…

 Are there any specific health issues that are connected to a bad breath?

Such a thing as the periodontal disease may be an essential cause of the bad breath. So if smell and unpleasant taste in your mouth are a lasting issue, you’d better check with your dentist. Specifically on the matter of whether you have periodontal disease or not. Gum disease is caused by the appearance of plaque on teeth. Bacteria cause the formation of toxins to form, which irritate the gums and enamel. If such a gum disease carries on without any treatment to it provided, it can damage the gums and jawbone. Other dental causes of bad breath include poorly fitting dental appliances, yeast infections of the mouth, and denta

The medical condition of the dry mouth (also called xerostomia) also can cause a bad smell. Saliva is necessary to moisten the mouth. It neutralizes acids produced by plaque and piles away the dead cells off the tongue, gums, and cheeks’ insides. If not removed, these cells begin to decay and can cause bad breath. Dry mouth may be a side effect of various medications. Also salivary gland problems or breathing with your mouth open can be an additional cause. Many other general diseases and illnesses may cause bad breath. Here are some to be aware of: respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis, chronic sinus infections, postnasal drip, diabetes, chronic acid reflux, and liver or kidney problems.